Gus Morainslie

Illustration, Posters and Photography Melbourne, VIC

I´m a mexican graphic artist focused on Illustration, poster design and photography. I love to work in projects related to music, travel, books, cartoons, environment, science, education and social issues.

Currently living with Claudia (homo sapiens) and Kimiko & Cubeta (Felis Catus) in Melbourne, Australia. Working as Art director for Stile Education (creating graphics and animations for the world´s best science lessons for kids) and as a design teacher at RMIT University.

Over the past 14 years I´ve worked with clients such as Filter Music, Time Out Magazine, Natura, French Alliance, French Embassy, Mercadorama, Royal Holiday Park Hotels, Fource Entertainment (CZ), Full Capacity Concerts, Sound Academy, Jamii, Corpus Dance Projects (CAN); as well as collaborating with non-profits like Greenpeace Mexico, The Story of Stuff Project (US) and Los Super Cívicos.

14 year experience teaching Graphic Design and Photography BA courses in Mexico. Since 2010 I have also taught social responsibility and poster design lectures and workshops in Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, USA, Australia and France.

Last but not least I coordinate Segunda llamada international environmental poster competition in an effort to improve this crazy planet.

Instagram @gusmorainslie